About us

Yalla Chance: Business with an Initiative To Give Back To The Community

Yalla Chance is a unique E-commerce store & everything it does is based on corporate social responsibility. It is dedicated to giving back to the community and making people’s dreams come true.  

Every purchase of the Yalla Chance product will have an enormous impact on others lives, the community and the region by contributing to a healthier society, a sustainable future and a better place to live and work.

How does Yalla Chance work?

Yalla Chance is committed to giving back to the community and helping people achieve their goals by offering luxury cars, gold, gadgets, & cash to win. With each purchase you make from Yalla Chance's ongoing campaign that is available for a limited time & quantity, its reward system provides you with tempting coupons to win cash, gold, luxury cars & much more. These vouchers will provide you the opportunity to win opulent rewards that could alter your life. 

Since the Yalla Chance rewards your purchase with a complimentary ticket/s for a chance of winning sumptuous prizes, you can also reward the community and be a part of this charity by contributing to your purchase, and Yalla Chance will honor your giving with an additional coupon. The DED and the local authority in the area regulate all of Yalla Chance’s draws.

Yalla Chance’s Collaboration with Beit-Al-Khair 

At Yalla Chance, the purpose is to change lives, not just of its clients, but also the people who are less fortunate through the product Coupon prize. As part of its e-commerce experience, Yalla Chance do charity to Beit-al-Khair that will contribute your goods or a portion of its sale to one of its charity initiatives. 

Beit-al-Khair works for the sustainable development of philanthropic, humanitarian, and community activity, as well as the provision of exemplary charitable services in accordance with the highest standards.  

Since its inception, the Society works to assist struggling families and deserving sections through a variety of projects and schemes that it delivers quantifies, improves, and expands to benefit the poor, indigent, widows, single parents, low-income, patients, families of prisoners, disaster victims, debtors, and abandoned children.