1) What's Yalla Chance?

YallaChance is an e-commerce Platform available on IOS, Android and website. Our Ecommerce online store is specialised in gift products with a new rewarding experience for our customers that allows them to collect free coupons with each purchase to enter a draw for life changing prizes. We support the giving concept to people and society. Our compensation system is providing a rewarding coupon/s with each purchase you made from our active campaigns that are time-limited or quantity-limited campaigns. Those coupons will give you a chance to win luxurious prizes that might change your life. While we reward you with your purchase with a complimentary coupon/s for a chance to win luxurious prizes, you also can reward the society and be part of this giving by donating your purchase. All our draw is regulated by the DED and the local authority where the draw is happening.

2) Is Yalla Chance available on Android and IOS?

Yes. Yalla Chance is available on Google Play Store and is soon to be available on Apple Store

3) Which countries does Yalla Chance operate in?

Yalla Chance is accessible globally. Users from any country can participate in our draw, details on draw terms, and prize collection are available under Draw Terms & Conditions.

4) How do I create account on Yalla Chance?

To create an account click on the signup button and fill up your information.

5) Why should I create an account on Yalla Chance?

It’s mandatory to complete a purchase with Yalla Chance you must have a registered account. This is for your security and protection, in addition, to being able to handover the prizes to the registered winner.

6) I have made mistake while registering my informati

To edit your account, click on your profile located in the main menu. Click edit profile then click 'Save changes to complete.

7) I can’t remember my Yalla Chance account password!

At ‘Login’ select ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the instructions for a password reset.

8) How can I reset my password?

To change your password, click on your profile located on the main menu then select change password. You need to follow the on screen instruction and press save.

9) What Credit Cards types does Yalla Chance accept?

Yalla Chance accepts all major credit/debits cards including Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

10) ?Is the price displayed on the APP/ website inclus

Yes! All our displayed prices are inclusive of VAT

11) Where can I collect my Yalla Chance purchased prod

All Yalla Chance products can be collected directly from our head office located in Dubai within 14 days of the purchase time. Please refer to Terms & Condition & Draw Terms.

12) What is ‘Extra Tickets’?

Yalla Chance rewards you for every product you purchased and donate by giving you extra ticket entry into the Prize Draw.